8 Door Staff Lockers

Wire Lockers for Sale in Cape Town

Wire Lockers for sale in Cape Town

Product available from SA Lockers

  • Wire Lockers
  • Staff Lockers
  • Mobile Lockers
  • Venue Lockers
  • Office Lockers
  • 45 Unit Lockers
  • Custom Lockers

Wire Lockers

Our wire lockers are versatile and can be used as staff lockers, storage lockers or just organize your premises. Click Here to buy wire lockers

Staff Lockers

Give your staff peace of mind when they arrive at work to store their personal belongings like raincoat, cellphone and lunch storage. Our staff lockers comes in a range of:

  • Single locker unit
  • 2 door locker unit
  • 4 Door locker unit
  • 5 Door locker unit
  • 8 Door locker unit
  • 12 Door locker unit
  • 16 Door locker unit
  • 45 Door Locker unit

Click Here to buy staff lockers

Mobile Lockers

Mobile lockers are decorative, save space and get your office organizes. You can use it to manage workshops and easily push it around. These lockers can be custom made and extremely versatile.

Click Here to buy mobile lockers

SA Lockers -Wire Lockers for Sale in Cape Town

Venue Lockers

Larger lockers like the 16 door and 45 door is perfect when you are working on site and need to store tools, stage equipment, other equipment or your staffs personal belongings.

SA Lockers - Wire Lockers for Sale in Cape Town

Office Lockers

Organize your office with our perfect office locker. Lock up your personal belonging, stationary and hard-drives. The office lockers can be custom made and you can add caster wheels to move your lockers around.

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