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About SA Lockers

Who we are.

SA Lockers are manufactured and designed in South Africa. We deliver anywhere in SA and neighboring countries.
We manufacture our staff lockers in Monatagu Gardens and do offer delivery options in Cape Town and Surrounding Areas.
Collection can be arranged at our warehouse in Unit 3 Longclaw Road, Monatgue Gardens, Cape Town.

SA Lockers has been manufacturing quality staff and mobile lockers for almost 5 years including deliveries in South Africa and Neighboring African Countries Like Botswana, Angola and Namibia.

What is a lockers and Staff Lockers

A storage locker is a small, typically slender storage capacity or storage compartment.
They are mostly found in devoted workspace areas, many times in larger numbers, in different public places, for example,
storage spaces, working environments, center and secondary schools, transport centers and so forth.
They differ in size, reason, development, and security.

About SA Lockers

Locker definition is – a drawer, cupboard, or a steel or wire compartment that may be closed with a lock; especially : one for individual storage use.

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